Undergraduate - Living in a W. P. Carey Residential Community (The Business Community)

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Living in a W. P. Carey Residential Community (The Business Community)

W. P. Carey students live together, get together to study, and become lifelong friends in our residential business communities. The Business Community is not only your home away from home — it's a community that promotes an active and social college experience for W. P. Carey Sun Devils.

Being part of the W. P. Carey Business Community is an important part of your life at ASU. Upper-division student leaders living in residential business communities host a variety of activities like pizza nights and competitions, and there are many more ways to stay connected outside of class. You'll even have access to on-site academic and professional services, including tutoring, advising, workshops, and special events.

The Business Community at Hassayampa

Located on the south end of campus, Hassayampa Academic Village is just a short walk from the W. P. Carey School, with easy access to tutoring services in the Student Success Center at Hassayampa and an on-site dining hall. Frequent academic, professional and social programs, events, and activities help students successfully transition to university life.

W. P. Carey Leaders Academy

When making housing selections, Leaders Academy students should select a room in building C of the Hassayampa Academic Village, which is home to the Leaders Academy community. In this community, first-year students enjoy distinct networking opportunities and access to faculty, as well as targeted professional and social programming. The Leaders Academy community is available only to students admitted to the W. P. Carey Leaders Academy. Qualifying students are notified of their admissions by mail; there is not an application process for first-year students.

The Business Community at Barrett

The Barrett Business Community — also known as the BBC — is housed on three floors of the Agave Building within the Barrett, the Honors College campus. Students who are enrolled in a W. P. Carey program and are also accepted to Barrett can live in the BBC, where they will benefit from Barrett programs and activities, a desirable location, community events coordinated by student leaders, and engagement opportunities with the W. P. Carey Leaders Academy.

The Business Community at Eagle Hall

W. P. Carey freshmen at ASU's Polytechnic campus live together in Eagle Hall. This W. P. Carey community is designed to foster academic success, as well as personal and professional development. Living in the Business Community allows W. P. Carey students to develop a strong network for success by easily forming study groups, working on team projects, benefiting from activities and events, and more.

The Business Community at Casa de Oro

W. P. Carey freshmen at ASU's West campus live together in Casa de Oro. Students living in this W. P. Carey community enjoy suite-style units, as well as access to tutoring and study space, gaming lounges, and a dining hall. Community programming promotes student success through faculty interaction, campus involvement, professional development, and more.