IT Services Catalog

Canvas Services

Faculty/Staff Instructional Design Training
Train faculty on Canvas and softwares as well as cover best practices and online education solutions

Course development
Develop Canvas courses and prepare them for launch

Faculty/Staff support
Support faculty with softwares and outside resources for online courses

Quiz/Assignment development
Create quizzes and assignments in Canvas

Web Services

Web Application Development
Custom web application development

Web Application Training & Support
Provide user training and tutorial on using custom software

WordPress Setup/Installation
For custom sites, paywalls, blogs, news sites etc.

Website Support
HTML, JavaScript, CSS, ColdFusion

Website Analytics
Provide Google Analytics support, training, statistics for websites

Website Domain Purchases
Purchase and setup Domains & Subdomains for web properties

Multimedia Services

Audio Recording
Audio for podcasts or voice-over component for video / animation

Screen Capture / Camtasia
Capturing a narrated powerpoint or virtual walk through / lecture

Video B-Roll
Video; generic, supplimentary footage (crowds, classrooms, buildings)

Video On-Location
Video; outside of a studio (may require travel)

Video Green Screen Capture
Video; in a studio with digital background replacement