Transformative Service Research


Transformative Service Research (TSR) is research aimed at creating uplifting changes and improvements in the well-being of individuals (consumers and employees), communities, and ecosystems. TSR is one of the Research Priorities for the Science of Service and a significant and growing area of focus across industry, academia, and government. This research is important and needed as services play a significant role in our world and have the ability to impact the lives and well-being of individuals, groups, and society as a whole.

Despite the importance and need, there has been little research in the area of transformative service. However, this is changing. There is growing interest in a variety of diverse communities and groups to address critical questions such as: How to improve consumer and societal welfare through service? How to enhance access, quality, and productivity in a range of industries? How to design and deliver services in a manner that preserves health, society, and the environment?

The CSL's Expertise and Interest

The CSL and its faculty network leaders have an ongoing interest and growing expertise in the area of transformative service research. In recent years, they have conducted research, written papers, and organized and presented at conferences. To advance this area from its infancy, the CSL and its faculty are firmly committed to finding collaborative opportunities with business, government, non-profit, and public policy leaders. This includes but is not limited to conducting cutting-edge research, developing case studies, conducting educational sessions for relevant organizations, and participating in leading academic and business conferences. If you are interested in discussing opportunities through the CSL, please contact Darima Fotheringham at 480-727-9653 or

CSL Faculty Network Leaders

This emerging knowledge area is being led and supported by a number of CSL Faculty Network Members including:

  • Laurel Anderson, PhD
  • Mary Jo Bitner, PhD
  • Sterling Bone, PhD
  • Raymond Fisk, PhD
  • Andrew Gallan, PhD
  • Martin Mende, PhD
  • Amy Ostrom, PhD
  • Mark Rosenbaum, PhD

Resources to Contact

If you have questions or comments, please contact the CSL at 480-965-6201 or