Science of Service Research Priorities

Overview of the Priority Setting Report

Given the growth and increased complexity in services coupled with a growing but fragmented service research community, with inputs from over 300 executives and academics, the Center for Services Leadership (CSL) undertook an 18 month effort to identify a set of global, interdisciplinary, and business-relevant research priorities on the science of service. The overarching goal of this effort is to help guide decisions and investments of academe, business, and government and spur research to advance the field of service globally.

Process Behind the Priorities

The CSL developed a multi-phase process to 1) secure rich inputs from a variety of sources, 2) develop a set of robust research priorities, and 3) communicate these research priorities broadly to academic, business, and government audiences globally.

Diverse Participation and Contributions

We sought broad input from service-minded academics from around the world and in a variety of disciplines as well as service-focused business executives representing an array of industries and organizations. Through in-depth interviews, online surveys, and face-to-face presentations and sessions, the CSL secured input from 318 individuals including 204 academics from more than 15 disciplines and 32 countries and 96 business executives from 25 industries and 11 countries. The remaining 18 participants did not provide their contact information.


The CSL is pleased to offer the following deliverables based on this effort:

February 2010 Article in the Journal of Service Research entitled: "Moving Forward and Making a Difference: Research Priorities for the Science of Service".

Research Priorities for the Science of Service CSL Business Report 2010 This report is a streamlined version of the article, geared toward our business community.

Services Research Priorities Podcast: "Moving Forward and Making a Difference - Priorities for the Science of Service"
Given the significant, sustained growth in services experienced worldwide, Arizona State University's Center for Services Leadership embarked on an 18-month effort to identify and articulate a set of global, interdisciplinary research priorities focused on the science of service. This podcast gives an overview of the project from Dr. Mary Jo Bitner and Dr. Amy Ostrom, two of the article's co-authors. Listen to the podcast. (This podcast is also available on iTunes, search "SAGE Podcast".)


The Science of Service: 10 Steps to Building Service Science

Resources To Contact

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