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The Science of Service - Leading Edge Research Opportunities with the CSL

Through its faculty network of over 50 members, the CSL is focused on designing and conducting cutting-edge service(s) research that delivers significant business value to research clients and significant academic value to faculty and the CSL. This unique approach enables the CSL to address leading-edge service(s) opportunities and challenges of research clients while also driving thought leadership in the service(s) field.

The Center uses this research base to enrich its executive education programs and the W. P. Carey MBA and undergraduate business programs. Through its research, the Center and ASU faculty are known as leaders in knowledge development in the services discipline.

WATCH the Video Case Study - "Identifying the Skills, Characteristics and Strategies of High-Performing Account Managers" - IBM (below)

READ the Case Study - Identifying the Skills, Characteristics and Strategies of High-Performing Account Managers: IBM

Research Knowledge Areas

Historically, the CSL has conducted research and developed knowledge in the following broad areas:

  • Service Excellence
  • Service and Technology
  • Services Strategy
  • Business-to-Business Services

Going forward, the CSL is also committed to advancing expertise in the following emerging knowledge areas:

  • Smart Services and Self-Services Technologies
  • Service Design
  • Transformative Service

The CSL is also open to conducting service(s) research outside of these areas if the expertise and/or interest exists within the CSL's academic network.

Key Differentiators

Leading edge research conducted through the CSl is significantly different from research conducted by most traditional research and/or consulting firms. The CSL offers the following differentiators:

  • Unique cutting-edge service(s) research
  • Access to the leading service(s) researchers in the world
  • Scientific rigor with managerial relevance
  • Objectivity in approach and findings

Past and Current Research Clients Include

Agilent Technologies, AT&T, Avaya Communication, Avnet, Cardinal Health, The Co-operators, CVS/Caremark, Ford Motor Company, Hewlett-Packard, Honeywell Aerospace, IBM Global Services, Lucent Technologies, Luxottica Retail/LensCrafters, Mayo Clinic, Wells Fargo, YRC Worldwide

Contact For More Information

Feel free to contact the CSL at 480-965-6201 or