Voice of the Customer

How to Innovate Using the Voice of the Customer

  • Are you responsible for strategy, marketing, sales or new service development?
  • Would you like to better understand the barriers that often inhibit change and how you can overcome those barriers?
  • Do you believe there's an opportunity for your organization to better communicate its value proposition to customers?

Course Description:  

 Learn how to listen to customers and what to listen for. Discover what variables influence customers' willingness to change and make new choices.  Gain knowledge of qualitative research and survey methods for listening.

Participants Will Be Able To:

  • Define "voice of the customer".
  • Describe the organizing model or framework for clarifying the VOC.
  • Recognize the three levels of value communication - features, benefits and needs.
  • Describe the factors that cause customers to stay with the current alternative.
  • List the risks and the independent influences that affect customers' willingness to change.
  • Explain the biases that exist in people's search behavior and in their choices.
  • Define end-driven, secondary, qualitative and survey research and explain how each is used to listen to the VOC.

Chapter Presentations:

  • Overview
  • A Decision Model to Understand the VOC
  • The Language of the Customer
  • Benefits
  • Needs
  • Stability with the Current Alternative
  • Fear and Uncertainty with the New Alternative
  • Independent Influences
  • Bias in Search and Choice
  • The Research Process
  • Qualitative Research
  • Survey Construction
  • Supplement: Qualitative Research
  • Supplement: Survey Methods

Estimated time required to complete the course: 6-10 hours over 8 weeks.  This course is an elective for the W. P. Carey Certificate in Customer Experience.

Who Should Take This Course:

 Senior and middle managers as well as individual contributors who are responsible for strategy, new service development, existing service improvement, marketing and sales.  This course is especially good for people who want to enhance skills around product, process or service innovation and for those who will be involved in tailoring messages to customers.

Course Pricing:

Individual Rates:

Center Member Rate: $495 per person

Non-Member Rate: $550 per person

Customer Experience Certificate Participants: $450 per person
For more information visit W. P. Carey Certificate in Customer Experience .

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How to Innovate Using the Voice of the Customer

How to Innovate Using the Voice of the Customer


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