Journal of Operations Management - Special Issue Policy

Special Issue Policy

Scholars interested in guest-editing a special issue for the Journal of Operations Management are requested to submit a proposal to the co-EICs, Tom Choi and Dan Guide.  Proposals will be evaluated by Tom and Dan in consultation with a set of qualified AEs once a year. The deadline for proposals is 15 January and results announced 15 March.  Proposals should be emailed to Tom and Dan and should contain the following materials.

  • A 1-2 page description of the special issue
  • A short discussion of why the proposed topic is important to OM/SCM practices
  • Current CVs of the guest editors

A successful proposal for a special issue should demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • The topic is of current interest, deals with a pervasive managerially-relevant problem, and has not been adequately covered by the current body of knowledge.
  • The guest editors show a track-record of expertise in the proposed area of the topic.

Once the proposal is accepted, guest editors are expected to manage the review activities for the special issue independent of the regular JOM review process.  Guest editors will make the final acceptance recommendations to the EICs, but the final decision is with the EICs.

Past Special Issues

  • Special issue on “Implementing Operations Strategy for Competitive Advantage” with Daniel Krause, Kannan Ramaswamy, and William Youngdahl as guest editors. Learn more.
  • Special issue on "Service Triads" with Finn Wynstra, Martin Spring, and Tobias Schoenherr as guest editors. Learn more.


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