Journal of Operations Management - Reviewer Information

Reviewer Information

General Guidelines

  • Begin with stating positive qualities about the manuscript.
  • State 5 to 8 major points and number them in the order of importance.
  • List minor points and number them.
  • Make suggestions whenever possible.
  • Stay within 2 to 4 pages in length.

Detailed Guidelines

  • Review your account settings in Elsevier Editorial System (EES).
  • If you have not, please read the JOM mission statement and its editorial philosophy.
  • Do more of:
    • Recognizing the effort the authors have put into the manuscript, albeit how small the reviewer perceives it to be.
    • Maintaining a positive tone by finding redeeming qualities.
    • Being concise, detailed, and constructive when criticizing.
    • Being generous with suggestions.
    • Being willing to review manuscripts even if they fall outside the reviewer's immediate area of interest.
    • Respecting the deadline.
  • Do less of:
    • Simply stating one or two flaws and dismissing the manuscript. Please help us return to authors reviews they can build on.
    • Sending conflicting messages to the authors and to editors. If the reviewer tells the authors the manuscript is great and then recommends rejection to the editors, the authors are going to be confused when they receive the rejection letter.

Earning a place on the Editorial Review Board (ERB)

  • An Associate Editor (AE) will read the review and rate it on the following scale:
    • 4 - Exceptionally well done in terms of its comprehensiveness and constructiveness
    • 3 - Very well done providing constructive criticisms and making useful suggestions
    • 2 - Adequately done by making some valid points but missing some key issues
    • 1 - Poorly done as there are very little ideas offered that the authors can build on
    • 0 - Superficially done in that this review is equivalent to not having done it
  • ERB membership will be reviewed in an on-going basis and adjustments will be made based on the quality of reviews.
  • Any ad-hoc reviewer that has reviewed for JOM for more than 2 years is welcome to contact one of the two Editors-in-Chief (Thomas Choi or Daniel Guide) if interested in joining the ERB.


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