Journal of Operations Management - JOM: Rankings and Statistics

JOM: Rankings and Statistics

One of the Premier Academic Journals in Business Management

Already a highly respected journal in the field, the JOM continues to rise in reputation and prominence among peer journals representing management disciplines. Some of the journal's qualifications include:

  • The impact factor of JOM has shot up to 5.093 in 2010 from 3.238 in 2009. See Figure 1 below.
  • The impact factor of JOM has gone up by a factor of 2.7 in the last two years. MS, POMS, and DSJ have all stayed at about the same level. See Table 1 below.
  • The five year impact factor measures a longer period than the two year period used by Thomson/ISI to capture a journal's influence with less stimulus from self citation. The 5-year impact factor of 6.03 in 2010 for JOM indicates that the average article published during the period 2005-2010 was cited by later articles in 6.03 times. See Figure 2 below.
  • Consistently ranked by academic studies as being in the top tier of operations management journals
  • Broad international influence. JOM articles were downloaded ~340,000 times in the 12 month period ending December 1, 2008. While very influential in the U.S., U.K., Australia and Canada, over 60% of article downloads come from countries where English is not the primary language. Figure 3 provides an overview of the top 14 countries.
  • Strong community of researchers, with broad impact beyond journal readership. Figure 4 shows the percentage of self citations (i.e. articles in a given journal citing that journal) within the last two years. While a degree of self citation shows interest within the journal's core audience, too high a percentage can indicate that the journal is not reaching a broader community.
  • Listing as one of the Financial Times top 40 journals
  • Inclusion as one of 5 operations management journals on the UT Dallas journals list
  • The only operations management journal dedicated to theory-driven, empirically based research

JOM is one of the premier journals in the area of operations and supply chain management – particularly its focus on high quality, empirical research.

Figure 1: Impact Factor Trends for Leading Operations and Supply Chain Management Journals

Figure 1

Table 1. Impact Factors of Recent Years

Figure 2: Five Year Impact Factors

Figure 1

Figure 3: JOM Article Downloads, 2007

Figure 2

Figure 4: Self Cites

Figure 3


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