Journal of Operations Management - JOM: Manuscript Review Process

JOM: Manuscript Review Process

Submissions to the editorial office are first evaluated by the Editor-in-Chief for their appropriateness to the mission and objectives of JOM. If deemed appropriate, the paper is then sent out for review using a double blind process. The first review of every manuscript is performed by three anonymous referees. In addition, the reviews for every paper submitted are reviewed by a member of the Associate Editor Board. The paper is then either accepted, rejected, or sent back to the author(s) for revision.

Revised papers are then sent back to an Associate Editor who makes an evaluation of the acceptability of the revision. Based upon the Associate Editor's evaluation, the paper is then either accepted, rejected, or returned to the author(s) for another revision. The second revision is then evaluated by the Editor-in-Chief, possibly in consultation with the Associate Editor who handled the original paper and the first revision, for a usually final resolution.

The editorial office strives to respond to all authors within three months for the first submission, two months for a revision and one month for a second revision.

The following flow chart summarizes the review process in general:

Review Process Chart


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