Journal of Operations Management - Author Guidelines

Author Guidelines

Author registration

  • All authors will be asked to register in the Elsevier Editorial System (EES).
  • EES will require the authors to review and update their account settings.

Author expectations

  • By submitting a manuscript to JOM for review, all authors agree to review manuscripts for JOM, regardless of whether their manuscript is eventually accepted. If an author refuses to review manuscripts for JOM, then JOM may refuse to review manuscript for that author. The adoption of this quid pro quo policy is important to maintain the integrity and fairness of the review process.
  • All authors are expected to respond in a reasonable timeframe any inquiries made by JOM before, during, and after the review process and to meet revision deadline if offered.

Review process

  • When a manuscript is first received, one of the two EIC’s performs a preliminary screening. He asks three questions. (1) Does it conform to the mission of the Journal? (2) Is it aligned with the stated Editorial Philosophy? (3) Is it likely that the manuscript will receive a favorable review by the JOM reviewers? If one or more answers to these three questions is no, then the EIC may return the manuscript back to the authors as a desk rejection.
  • The invitation to review manuscript then is then sent to three to six reviewers. Once the reviewer accepts to review the manuscript, he/she is given 5 weeks to return the review.
  • If there is clear consensus among the reviewers that the paper should be declined, then the EIC notifies the authors of the decision.
  • Otherwise, the EIC will invite an AE to review the manuscript and the reviews from the reviewers. The AE is given 5 weeks to file her/his report with the Journal.
  • The EIC sends the authors the outcome of the review process and informs them whether the manuscript is being rejected or being invited for a revise and resubmit.
  • If being invited to revise and resubmit, the authors are encouraged to respond in a timely fashion.
  • Once the revised manuscript is submitted, the EIC forwards the manuscript and response to the reviewers’ comments to the AE.
  • The AE reviews the documents and files the AE report. The AE review and manuscript revision will be repeated until the revision is done to satisfaction.
  • The manuscript can be rejected per the AE’s recommendation at any point during the revision process.
  • The manuscript can be sent back to the reviewers per the AE’s request on certain situations.
  • Once the AE makes a recommendation to accept the manuscript, the EIC notifies the authors of the outcome.


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