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The ASU Mentor Network supports student, faculty, and community entrepreneurs. Ventures may be at a wide range of developmental stages, from ideation through commercialization. The mission of the network is to catalyze the entrepreneurial success of founders by connecting them with Entrepreneurship Experts who hold office hours and Venture Mentors who provide regular, ongoing support to founders and their teams.

Entrepreneurs have a lot of big ideas. They also have a lot of creativity and the grit needed to navigate the rough waters of starting a new business. But sometimes, as in many areas of our lives, we don't know what we don't know. That is why our Mentors are such an important part of the startup process. Mentors provide the experience, guidance, and support that can help founders keep moving their idea forward, mitigating risks and leveraging opportunities.

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Become an Entrepreneurship Expert or a Venture Mentor in the ASU Mentor Network today - complete our ASU Mentor Network application to get started. An ASU Mentor Network staff member will contact you within ten business days to discuss next steps. Thank you for your support. We cannot do this without you.

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Available Mentoring Roles

Entrepreneurship Experts

Entrepreneurship Experts (EEs) are volunteers from the community who have subject matter expertise in specific venture development areas. Highly requested areas of expertise include: marketing, accounting, funding, legal, software development, and more.

EEs advise entrepreneurs pro bono, on campus, approximately once per month for three hours. EEs must have a proven track record of success in their area of expertise, especially as it applies to guiding emerging companies. A background check is required ($30 fee). Learn more about lending guidance to ASU students through Entrepreneurship Experts.

Venture Mentors

Venture Mentors (VMs) are seasoned entrepreneurs who are hired by ASU. VMs are matched with founders based on their background and areas of expertise. VMs act as both an expert on the process of moving a venture forward, as well as a guide to encourage entrepreneurs to plug into all the resources available to them at ASU.

VMs meet with each of their six assigned ventures every other week and are available for interim questions via email and phone. VMs must be serial entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs who have a deep passion for helping others avoid common startup pitfalls. VMs must have a bachelor's degree (or equivalent) and are required to attend ongoing training and development sessions. Learn more about making an impact through Venture Mentors.

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