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Entrepreneurs have a lot of big ideas.

They also have a lot of creativity and the grit needed to navigate the rough waters of starting a new business.

But sometimes, as in many areas of our lives, we don't know what we don't know.

That is why our mentors are such an important part of the startup process. Mentors provide the experience, guidance, and support that can help founders keep moving their idea forward, mitigating risks and leveraging opportunities.

Not sure the quickest way to get your startup to the next stage? We’ve got you covered.

ASU students and alumni who are seeking business or venture advice can meet with our Entrepreneur Experts. Entrepreneur Experts (EEs) are entrepreneurs who have subject expertise in different areas such as startup/early stage business development, marketing, legal, software development and other areas of expertise.

Join our private group of Entrepreneurship Experts on Beeline today to get personalized advice from our mentors.

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Current ASU students and community members are looking for entrepreneurial advice from people with your experience. We are using a convenient, easy-to-use online platform to make this happen, and we’d love for you to join! It allows you to participate from anywhere and be involved whenever it is convenient for you.

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