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Selected as the 2016 Top Entrepreneur University, ASU offers a variety of entrepreneurship programs and experiences in nearly every college and school across all campuses. As a member of Founders Lab you will be the first to hear about all things entrepreneur.

Founders Lab


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Founders Lab is a community that welcomes everyone, from those who are simply curious about entrepreneurship to those who are building a venture. Within the community you will find founders with social interests who are pursuing for-profit and nonprofit ideas, those interested in shaping their local community through brick and mortar businesses, start-up entrepreneurs who look to the digital world to make their impact, inventors who create tools and products that makes lives easier, and innovators in health, science, or sustainability who make this world a better place.

Attend the Founders Lab Startup Bus Tour

Keep checking back to find out when the spring semester Founders Lab Startup Bus Tour will take place!

What: The Founders Lab Startup Bus Tour is a way for students interested in entrepreneurship to visit three local businesses and hear from the founders.

Where: The Center for Entrepreneurship takes a certain amount of students on a bus tour all over the valley visiting three local businesses.

Who: The Founders Lab Startup Bus Tour is open to all ASU students.

When: Stay tuned for more details on the 2018 spring semester Founders Lab Startup Bus Tour.

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