Center for Advancing Business through Information Technology


Faculty Name Faculty Title Research
Interest #1
Interest #2
Interest #3
Altaf Ahmad Clinical Assistant Professor Information Privacy Evaluating privacy breaches Value of IT
Pie-yu Chen Associate Professor IT Strategy: Design and Evaluation Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing Big Data: Opportunities and Implications
Joseph W. Clark Clinical Assistant Professor Business Intelligence and Decision Making Strategy in Dynamic Environments Digital Business Models
Greg Dawson Assistant Professor Effective Strategies for Working with Professional Services Firms Improving CIO performance Increasing CIO tenure
Michael Goul Professor and Chair Business Analytics Services Computing Information Governance
Bin Gu Associate Professor Online Social Media/Social Networks Data Analytics IT Governance and Business Value of IT
Rob Hornyak Assistant Professor Business Value & Impacts of IT Governance of Business Process Outsourcing Relationships IT-enabled Knowledge Work
Uday Kulkarni Associate Professor Business Intelligence Success Factors ICT on Microfinance Industry Knowledge Intensive Business Processes
Dan Mazzola Clinical Assistant Professor Business Value and Impacts of IT Business Analytics Online Social Media/Social Networks
Matthew McCarthy Senior Lecturer Digital Media, eBooks, EPUBs Database Decisioning Models AI Differential Diagnosis Engines
Kathleen Moser Clinical Assistant Professor Curriculum & Education in IS IT Issues in Project Management Women in IT
Chris Olsen Lecturer Information Security Software Development Methodologies Human Interactions with Computers
Tim Olsen Clinical Assistant Professor Process- and Service-Oriented Organizations Crowdsourcing and Crowd Labor Business Process Management
Aaron Read Clinical Assistant Professor Online Communities of Practice Collaborative Agile Requirements Development Methodologies Decision Support
Asim Roy Professor Data Mining & Machine Learning Big Data & Interactive Search Theories of the Brain
Raghu Santanam Professor Health Information Technology Consumer Information Systems and Services Business Process Management
Benjamin Shao Associate Professor Business Value and Impacts of IT Information Security and Privacy Healthcare IT
Michael (Zhan) Shi Assistant Professor Social Networks/Media Economics of online Markets Data Analytics
Alan Simon Lecturer Next-Generation Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Data Management Improving Effectiveness of Enterprise Systems Effective Strategies for Working with Professional Services Firms
Robert St. Louis Professor Enterprise Performance Management Enterprise Search Enterprise Document Management
Paul Steinbart Professor Behavioral Issues Involving Information Security Information Security Governance & Management Issues Privacy
Ajay Vinze Distinguished Professor (Emergency/ Disaster) Preparedness and Response ICT investments and impact on Transition Economies Sustainability - AD Role and Impact of IT (a Focus on Water Policy Issues)