Research and Learning Centers

Our research and learning centers serve as essential links between the local, national and international business communities and the intellectual and creative resources of the W. P. Carey School of Business. Organizations engage with W. P. Carey centers for two reasons: practical knowledge and networks. They provide exposure to new research and relevant business trends, plus opportunities to engage with other professionals to analyze, debate, and share best practices around key business challenges.


  • The L. William Seidman Research Institute collects and disseminates essential information about local economies and benchmarks industry practices, and identifies emerging business research issues. In addition, it serves as an economic research and consulting resource for a variety of public and private clients of all sizes and across multiple industries.
  • The Center for Competitiveness and Prosperity Research specializes in applied economic and demographic research with a geographic emphasis on Arizona and the metropolitan Phoenix area. The center also conducts research projects under sponsorship of private businesses, nonprofit organizations, government entities, and other ASU units.
  • The JPMorgan Chase Economic Outlook Center serves as the economic forecasting unit of the business school. Economy@W. P. Carey is housed in the center, serving as a portal to data and analysis from W. P. Carey economists and their colleagues in the private sector, government agencies and universities across the West. Offerings include the Western Blue Chip Economic Forecast, the Greater Phoenix Blue Chip, the Job Growth Update, and various real estate reports.
  • The Center for the Advanced Study in Economic Efficiency is dedicated to advancing economic efficiency through developing economic theory to address efficiency in a broader context, applying theory to issues of public concern, and diffusing the knowledge globally.
  • Explicitly recognizing that all economic behavior takes place within an environmental system, the Center for Environmental Economics and Sustainability Policy develops principles for environmental and resource economics that can help guide sustainability policy.


  • The Center for Entrepreneurship is the touchstone for all aspects of entrepreneurship that affect our constituents. Representations of the center’s efforts include the annual Spirit of Enterprise Awards.

Executive Education

  • Executive Education delivers learning programs to help working professionals solve strategic business issues and address leadership challenges. Executive Education can design custom programs to your organization's needs and offers public workshops and certificate programs that build perspective and hone skills sets.

Information Technology

  • Center for Advancing Business through Information Technology is focused on building bridges with industry by hosting monthly events, performing industry-relevant research, and helping organizations maximize the potential of their IT resources. The center houses the Privacy by Design Research Lab, a partnership between university and industry leaders to create guidelines for business worldwide to effectively protect personal data.

Real Estate

  • The Center for Real Estate Theory and Practice develops tools and reports that provide valuable and timely residential and commercial market information for realtors, developers, home owners and news media. The goal is to help critical stakeholders understand the complexity of the market and make better policy and business decisions. Reports available from the center include: the Housing Report, the report on Resale Housing, the Commercial Index report, and the Housing Index report.

Services Leadership

  • The Center for Services Leadership is a globally recognized authority on how to compete strategically through the profitable use of services. It concentrates on expanding service innovation by combining the latest scientific insights from the academic world with the best of business strategy in the real world. Notable annual events include the Center’s Services Leadership Institute and the Compete Through Service Symposium.

Supply Chain Management

  • CAPS Research advances the profession of supply chain management through outstanding research, un-biased benchmarking, and peer-to-peer networks. The center draws together leading academics and a global network of executives to define its research priorities. Supported by member corporations, the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University, and the Institute for Supply Management®, CAPS Research empowers supply management professionals with profound discovery, powerful connection, and clear foresight.
  • Center for Supply Networks is focused on advancing the science of supply networks and sustainability management. The center leads cutting edge research that explores supply chains as dynamic, adaptive networks. In addition it investigates buyer-supplier dynamics from both the buyer and supplier perspective.