Custom Corporate MBA

The W. P. Carey School of Business has offered Custom Corporate MBA programs to companies since 2000, and is one of the few top business schools that can deliver custom corporate MBA programs for your organization. Courses are taught by the same faculty who teach in our full-time and part-time MBA programs, and students earn the same highly regarded MBA degree.

Return on Investment

While many companies choose to support individual employees through traditional and part-time MBA programs, investing in a Custom Corporate MBA program provides an additional return on your talent development dollars. This program yields leaders with strong strategic-thinking and decision-making skills who:

  • Have a deeper understanding of your company and its competitive environment
  • Are better able to work with other functional areas and business units, taking advantage of the network of colleagues they’ve gained through participation in our program
  • Have a shared language and experience to leverage as they tackle corporate challenges and plan for the future

Tailored Curriculum

Breadth of knowledge is achieved through the core curriculum. Depth of knowledge is achieved through courses in an area of emphasis that is selected by your organization. Options include finance, marketing and supply chain management. Additional coursework might take the form of company-specific applied projects or residential learning experiences on campus or abroad. These are designed in partnership with the sponsoring organization to address strategic business or leadership development initiatives.

We also offer a Master of Science in Information Systems Management (MS-ISM) degree for working professionals that allow your employees to immediately bring new skills and knowledge to your organization.