Student clubs and organizations

The W. P. Carey School of Business has more than 40 business-related clubs and organizations for students. Additionally, Arizona State University boasts more than 1,000 student clubs and organizations. Clubs and organizations provide unique experiences and opportunities and you are strongly encouraged to get involved in at least one campus organization. For more information about student clubs and organizations, use the search functions on ASU's Sun Devil Sync to learn more about the types of organizations registered at ASU. Please contact your Employer Engagement Portfolio Manager to discuss opportunities for connection.

AD Works is an organization that will seek to engage and teach students how to professionally create an advertisement for different companies throughout the country. Our members will be responsible for utilizing advertising and marketing techniques, which they will learn in this organization, as well as engage with different agencies and companies on a professional level.

In 1904, Alpha Kappa Psi was founded on the principles of educating its members and the public to appreciate and demand higher ideals in business and to further the individual welfare of members during college and beyond. ( College men and women everywhere are discovering that Alpha Kappa Psi is much more than just another organization or club—it is a unique, prestigious association of students, professors, graduates and professionals with common interests and goals. They join Alpha Kappa Psi to take advantage of valuable educational, friendship and networking opportunities. ( Iota Xi is one of the many chapters under the AKPsi family. Founded in 1972 at Arizona State University, members have built a legacy of service and leadership in the community. Today, the Iota Xi chapter gives students the opportunity for professional development, guided by the five core values of the fraternity.

The American Marketing Association is the largest marketing association in North America as well as the largest organization in the business college at ASU. Our focus is to teach students practical, real world skills for marketing themselves in a competitive business world. Whether you're a business, engineering or design major, you'll need to learn how to market yourself to potential prospects, employers, bosses and coworkers in order to get ahead of your competition. Here at AMA, we'll teach you how to put together a resume, how to dress professionally, how to speak to employers and help you develop real world leadership skills that will give you an edge in the business world. We'll also give you opportunities to develop friendships with college peers, network with executives from various different corporations and learn about how to effectively work together in teams in order to accomplish real world objectives. Our goal at AMA is to help prepare you to excel when you leave college and help you develop the necessary skills for business that you can't get from the classroom. Come visit us at our meetings and stay for one of our socials to find out more about AMA!

Arizona Microcredit Initiative is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that empowers small businesses in the greater Phoenix area through academic-level business instruction, consulting services and small loans at low interest rates. We offer business development workshops in local communities to help our clients learn strategies to improve their business models and profitability. Our workshops provide individualized instruction on topics ranging from customer segmentation and marketing to practical accounting and financial projections. We also offer individual consulting services to pinpoint business-specific problems and develop solutions.

The mission of Ascend (national) is to continually influence and encourage the development of finance, accounting and business professionals and students while serving as a collective voice for the Asian and Pacific Islander communities in the finance, accounting and related business fields. Ascend-ASU is an extension of the parent organization with the goal of creating a collegiate level network. Our mission here at ASU is to develop our members to become well-rounded individuals and focus on the three pillars: leadership, professionalism, and community service. Membership to join the national parent organization is optional and the dues are to be paid directly to them. Membership in the national organization is not required to become a member of Ascend-ASU.

Asian Business Leaders Association was originally founded in 1994 by a small group of dedicated business students and still continues to meet today following many successful years. We serve the needs of career-oriented students through academic support, leadership opportunities, and social environments where members can interact with the campus and community leaders. The main emphasis of the organization is to educate members about various Asian cultures in the business setting. With this goal in mind we hope to improve international relations between individuals and business as a whole.

The Asian Corporate & Entrepreneur Leaders collegiate chapter at Arizona State University (ACEL-ASU) allows a safe and professional setting for all individuals to develop their skills in order to pursue higher levels in their careers or executive roles in society. Workshops will be led by professionals from the ACEL professional chapter providing connections and networking, increasing our members’ personal confidence and expanding their opportunities for future careers. The members of ACEL consist of a very large and diverse population of leaders and working professionals with all different backgrounds including journalism, political science, social workers, medicine, engineering, business, arts, law, entrepreneurs, and multitude more that appeals to students of all majors of every school. Members will also be offered the chance to be a part of the mentorship program, where students are paired up with a professional from the organization, allowing for a tremendous opportunity for invaluable knowledge transfer. Members will be a part of the collegiate chapter but will also have the opportunity to be a member of the Arizona chapter, allowing for the opportunity to continue professional development beyond their undergraduate and graduate degrees.

We are one of the largest and fastest-growing organizations in the business school. Started in October 2012, we enter our second year with 110+ paid members, 34 corporate partnerships, and myriad professional and social events. Our number one priority is helping our members - our "ALPFAmilia" - construct their professional skills and get "the offer" from their top-choice firms, then come back and help others do the same. Sign up for our e-mailing list at ALPFA is the leading professional association in the United States, consisting of over 23,000 members across 41 professional chapters and 130+ student chapters. ALPFA is dedicated to enhancing opportunities for its members in the accounting, finance and related professions through superior networking, professional development, and major events held on both the local and national levels for professionals and students alike. ASU's ALPFA Student Chapter is open to anyone, in any major, from any background.

Founded in 1919, Beta Alpha Psi is an honor organization for financial information students and professionals. There are over 300 chapters on college and university campuses with over 300,000 members initiated since Beta Alpha Psi's formation. The primary objective of Beta Alpha Psi is to encourage and give recognition to scholastic and professional excellence in the business information field. This includes: promoting the study and practice of accounting, finance and information systems, providing opportunities for self-development, service and association among members and practicing professionals, and encouraging a sense of ethical, social, and public responsibility.

The Black Business Student Association was organized to meet the needs of African American Students. BBSA promotes professionalism, career advancement, and educational success, through the networking of students and their community. Members must strive to become well rehearsed in the skills needed to meet the expectations of the professional world; this is achieved by enhancing their talents and abilities, possessing the will to excel, and a desire for higher standards within the organization and a betterment of the community.

Business Ambassadors are student leaders of the W. P. Carey School of Business who represent the school at events and programs both on and off campus in a professional manner and build positive relationships with students, parents, faculty, and the community. Additionally, Business Ambassadors are involved in the recruitment process of top students to the W. P. Carey School through collaboration with the Undergraduate Admissions Office. The school of business seeks students to be Ambassadors who are successful, professional and are proud to represent the W. P. Carey School of Business. “The mission of the W. P. Carey Business Ambassadors is to consistently and professionally represent the W. P. Carey School of Business.” To Become an Ambassador - Like Our Facebook page to get updates about our next recruitment cycle!

The Business Communication Student Association (BCSA) at Arizona State University is a student lead organization whose mission is to provide all students from various educational backgrounds the proper skills, knowledge and connections that are needed to help them develop their professional careers. BCSA will hold several events throughout the Fall and Spring semesters that will help students target their interests and give them the opportunity to connects with professionals from that field. This firsthand experience can help students of all ages and interests get a feel for the business world as well as gain connections for future positions in internships and entry-level jobs.

Business of Fashion at Arizona State University will educate students about the fundamentals of business as they apply to the fashion industry. Members will have the opportunity to network within the industry through local fashion oriented events, professional speakers and individually driven ventures.

Business of Food is an organization that will host speakers, plan site tours and have various other events relating to the food industry.

The mission of the Business School Council of Arizona State University is to offer students an opportunity to become involved in the W.P. Carey School of Business, to inform students about matters regarding the School of Business, to represent business students to Associated Students of Arizona State University, to increase faculty-student relations within the School of Business, to recognize outstanding student , organization, and faculty achievements, and to offer students an opportunity to learn, grow and develop leadership and professional skills.

The club's focus will be on teaching and practicing basic investment techniques with simulation or real world finances and with real world applications. Our first semester's focus will be on utilizing different techniques for stock, futures, and commodities investing. We would use speakers to come in and teach these techniques and talk about their investment experience with Conservative business analysis, speculative investing, value investing, alongside others and partnering these techniques with trading applications and applying them to our investment goals. Our aim is to bring like minded new and experienced students who would like to learn more about the world of investing and hopefully develop their own investment plans and trading techniques.

LEAD - COMPETE – NETWORK Arizona State University’s Collegiate DECA enhances a student's college experience by providing recognition and leadership activities directly related to academic study.

New Venture Group (NVG) is a multi-disciplinary management consulting group whose purpose is helping our clients to explore the potential of their business, visualize aspirations for their future, and discover profitable approaches to moving forward. We also provide support for our members who are interested in pursuing a career in the consulting industry.

The Dean's Advisory Council (DAC) is a group of 16 undergraduate students who have conventionally advised the undergraduate dean in two core areas: (i) allocation of the business school fee, and (ii) student body involvement. Throughout these projects, the Council's objective is to ensure that W. P. Carey students have access to the best academic and professional resources. By periodically meeting with the undergraduate dean, the Dean's Advisory Council will offer students' input concerning the programs that students deem valuable within W. P. Carey. Additionally, Council members will gather data — either in the form of primary or secondary research — to support proposals to the administration.

Delta Sigma Pi is a professional business fraternity on college campuses across the nation. Through this organization, we are able to encourage scholarship, social activity, and a broad network of students, faculty, and alumni for their mutual advancement.

DISC exists to produce motivated professionals-in-training who are well-versed in both information technology and business competencies. In short, to put into action those concepts and competencies which are accrued from the education offered at the W. P. Carey School of Business. Career development, leadership, collaboration, and community involvement are to be all members’ objectives. Furthermore, this organization exists to provide its members opportunities to network with leading firms and professionals from a wide range of industries, gaining valuable insights and exposure to the inner workings of their trade.

Enactus brings together a diverse network of university students, academic professionals and industry leaders around the shared mission of creating a better, more sustainable world through the positive power of business. By contributing their talents to projects that improve the lives of people worldwide, Enactus participants are demonstrating that individuals with a knowledge and passion for business can be a powerful force for change.

The purpose of this organization is to provide students with educational, social, and networking opportunities in the entertainment business to promote professional and personal growth. We have had guest speakers so far from the West and East Coast, in addition to Arizona who have offered insight into areas such as content creation, film networking, and event planning for music festivals.

President - Calais Rickey (

The Finance and Accounting Career Club, or FACC, welcomes all business students interested in professional and personal development along side our parent chapter the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) a universally recognized professional community of 70,000 members strong across the globe. FACC's mission is to provide members with personal and professional development opportunities through, education, association with business professionals, and certification in management accounting and financial management skills. The FACC student chapter is subject to the international IMA charter and works in accord with the IMA Arizona Valley of the Sun chapter.

FMA is the premier undergraduate student organization in the ASU Finance Department. Our aim is to expose our membership to experiences and insights in finance which are not available by simply attending class. Our strong relationships with the Phoenix business community allow us to provide value and opportunities to our membership. We combine theory and practice to all aspects of finance. The organization is open to all majors and we hope to see you at an event in the near future.

Connecting people, resources, and cultures.

Global Council of Diplomats is dedicated to improving the global mindset of both international and domestic students, developing global work skills, increasing the frequency and depth of intercultural communication among our diverse student body, and creating opportunities for the entire W. P. Carey community to develop global business friendships and networks.

Global Microfinance brigades seek to provide rural communities in impoverished nations with micro-lending institutions from which they can withdraw small enough loans to better themselves. Additionally, we work to inform members of the community about savings options so that they understand how to set aside money for themselves and their future generations.

For over 41 years, it has been the mission of the Hispanic Business Students Association to prepare our members to be future leaders, serve our communities, promote diversity and create a progressive learning environment. The goals of the association are to provide students with educational opportunities, career options and association with students who have different goals but mutual interests.

IBSA (International Business Scholars Association) serves as an opportunity for high-achieving students with a GPA of a 3.0 or higher in the W.P. Carey School of Business to explore their interests in the Business realm on a global setting. IBSA provides education on being a leader in International Business, opportunities to network with students at Arizona State University from all over the world, and connects students with companies looking for the leaders of tomorrow.

President - Kalvin Goodan (

The Investment Banking & Finance Club is an introductory career prep program to prepare students interested in applying for the competitive consulting and investment banking programs offered through the W. P. Carey School of Business. It will work alongside the Investment Banking Industry Scholars program to prepare workshops, lectures, interview prep, and brief modeling experience to the general public of Arizona State University.

The Leadership Society of Arizona is professional leadership organization: based on a 22 year/$15.9M international research effort, using a leadership philosophy that has been proven in the industry to improve Project Management and the Delivery of Services by minimizing effort by up to 40%.

Promotes awareness and appreciation of women’s roles in business and sponsors professional, educational, and social events.

Dedicated to developing partnerships that result in the creation of intellectual and economic wealth in the black community.

Prepares Hispanics for leadership positions throughout the U.S., so that they can provide the cultural awareness and sensitivity vital in the management of the nation's diverse workforce.

Native American Business Organization's focus is to provide assistance to the members to excel academically, develop professional business etiquette skills, and promote cultural and social awareness to the ASU community and its affiliates.

The Online Student Business Association is an online group of high achieving W. P. Carey Business students who are looking to connect with the ASU Business student body in order to enhance their ASU experience and benefit their path of becoming a business professional. The OBSA will provide academic, networking, and social resources and meetings for online W. P. Carey students through solely an online platform. Our goal is to make every online W. P. Carey student feel connected, valued, and set up for success upon graduating ASU.

SPARK offers students exclusive opportunities and experiences to launch a successful career in business. The SPARK program is dedicated to the professional development of students interested in a career in consultative selling. SPARK is a landmark organization that allows students to distinguish themselves through informational workshops, interactions with corporate professionals and opportunities to participate in collegiate sales competitions.

President- Maria Medina (

SHRM provides opportunities for students to network on the local level through student chapters. SHRM student chapters have regular meetings with scheduled programs designed to help members learn more about HR and the real world of business./p>

The mission of Sports Business Association is to deliver unprecedented educational and professional opportunities for ASU students interested in the sports industry. Guided by its pursuit of excellence, SBA is determined to assert itself as a premiere student organization by providing members with industry connections, leadership development, and applications of social responsibility. In doing so, SBA aspires to contribute to the professional athletic climate and ultimately forge strong bonds to help achieve goals of its student members, professional contacts, and University-affiliated associates. @SBAatASU

This is a scholars program that is branched off of The Sports Business Association (SBA). It has been developed to give Sports Business students the opportunity to learn about the sports industry more in-depth through mentors, executive conference calls, events, and lessons in bi-weekly meetings. Through this scholars program we hope to prepare our scholars for a successful career in sports and provide them with contacts that they can use throughout their professional career.

The Student Economics Association is open to all students with an active interest in economic issues and problems or with career interests in economics and related fields. The organization's main objective is to promote extracurricular activities that enhance the ASU experience.

SCMA strives to serve as the bridge between the classroom and the professional workplace by providing its members with opportunities to learn and experience the real world applications of supply chain management while nurturing its members to success.

TAMID Group's program is designed to offer experiential business learning. Beginning with an interactive classroom curriculum, the program soon progresses to give members hands-on experience through investing and consulting programs where students interact with Israeli tech companies.

The mission of the Undergraduate Law Association is to provide information and networking opportunities to students interested in exploring careers in law.  To achieve this goal, we invite attorneys to discuss their experiences in law school and their careers, as well as non-lawyers who discuss their interaction with attorneys in everyday legal situations. We also host events that teach students about the law school application process and law school selection, and we provide LSAT practice sessions.

Provides student support, promotes sharing ideas and creates professional networking opportunities for those interested in the area of Business Information Management.

Familiarizes students with required skill sets in the consulting industry and provides assistance to develop such competencies so that students can successfully pursue their career in this industry.

Serves as a conduit for students to access entrepreneurial resources, network with prominent community entrepreneurs and share ideas.

Provides MBA students with educational information and networking opportunities with local and national professionals in the finance community.

Provides a platform for health sector students to build their professional network and enhance their understanding of the healthcare industry.

Represents students interested in the study of sustainability and associated issues as they relate to graduate business studies and industry developments.

We encourage LGBTQ+ students and supportive allies to embody principles of leadership with authenticity. StandOut MBAs offers an environment of mutual respect, intended to advance the interests of those in the business community who value diversity of background, thought, and experience.

Connects marketing students with profession-related resources, both within the school and in the industry.

Facilitates learning and networking opportunities for MBA students studying or planning a career in supply chain management.

Toast Devils, the W. P. Carey MBA chapter of Toastmasters, advances the public speaking skills of members in a professional and supportive environment.

Donates time, money, and resources to local and national charitable events, enhancing the social awareness of W. P. Carey MBA students as they become future business leaders.

The STEP Program’s mission is to improve confidence and academic achievement by providing a mentor relationship, personal and professional developmental programming, and college preparation for high school students.

The main purpose of the Women's Business Leaders Association is to bring together women of diverse occupations and to provide opportunities for them to help themselves and others grow personally and professionally through leadership, education, networking, and support.