Recruiting at W. P. Carey

Our uniquely personal approach to talent development means that we bring you uniquely qualified talent. W. P. Carey students explore new ideas and different ways of doing business. We encourage them to fail, to refine, to try again. By learning to push the limits while in business school, they can offer your organization more creativity, more ideas, and more ways to innovate.

Work with us

Career Services can help you identify candidates that fit your corporate culture and business needs, whether you’re looking for current undergraduate students, recent graduates, or MBA or master’s students who can give your company an edge on day one. Recruiting opportunities include information sessions, on-campus interviews, tailgate sponsorships, coffee chats, and school- and university-wide career fairs.

Work with Career Services to:

  • Develop a competitive recruiting strategy
  • Advertise full-time and internship opportunities to students via Handshake
  • Connect with leaders from business school clubs/organizations
  • Create an on-campus recruiting schedule

Career Services strongly encourages you to consider best practices for employers, including third-party recruiters, when recruiting W. P. Carey students.

Download our recruiter guide to learn more about our services and discover how we can help you meet your organizational objectives.