Recruiting at W. P. Carey

We are your partner in developing an effective talent acquisition strategy that builds credibility around your brand, consistently connecting you with talented students who can strengthen your organization. Although our initial encounter may focus on sourcing talent for a specific job description, our most entrenched and loyal recruiting partners take advantage of our breadth of knowledge surrounding best practices for job descriptions, internships, rotational and leadership programs, and recruiting trends. We’ve seen it all, we know what works, and we look forward to sharing our knowledge with you.

Partner with us

W. P. Carey Career Management and Employer Management can help you identify candidates that fit your corporate culture and business needs, whether you’re looking for current undergraduate students, recent graduates, or MBA or master’s students who can give your company an edge on day one. Recruiting opportunities include information sessions, on-campus interviews, tailgate sponsorships, coffee chats, and school- and university-wide career fairs.

Work with the Employer Engagement team to:

  • Develop a competitive recruiting strategy that helps you find innovative access points, aligned to identifying high potential talent
  • Advertise full-time and internship opportunities to students via job portals
  • Connect with leaders from business school clubs/organizations
  • Create an on-campus recruiting schedule that takes advantage of standing and pre-scheduled events

Career Management and Employer Engagement strongly encourages you to consider best practices for employers when recruiting W. P. Carey students.

Download our recruiter guide to learn more about our services and discover how we can help you meet your organizational objectives.

Join the hundreds of companies that recruit at W. P. Carey.

We recognize that the reason you recruit from W. P. Carey is the need to source top talent across a range of education, specializations, and levels of experience. By redefining our team structure, we are able to support you with a NEW curated, portfolio-based service experience that includes a comprehensive menu of recruiting options. We want to be effective in offering customized help that will ensure you reach your organization’s talent goals.

Portfolio Managers

Anthony (Toni) Cortright

Assistant Director of Employer Engagement – Technology & Manufacturing Portfolio

Computer Networking, Consumer Packaged Goods, Electronic & Computer Hardware, Internet, Software, Retail, Technology, Telecommunications, Wholesale Trade

Mara DeFilippis

Assistant Director of Employer Engagement – Diversified Portfolio

Aerospace and Defense, Healthcare, Medical Devices & Pharma, Biotech & Life Science, Environmental Services, Oil, Gas & Natural Resources, Utilities & Renewable Energy, Food and Beverage

Michael Sanders

Assistant Director of Employer Engagement – Financial Services

Automotive, Civil Engineering, Commercial Banking & Credit, Construction, Insurance, Investment/Portfolio Management, Investment Banking, Real Estate, Transportation & Logistics

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