Recording Reservations

We recommend that the first step you take toward creating media is to meet with the Multimedia Team. Meeting helps us identify what recording methods will work best with your timeline, which technology and media makes sense for your material, as well as answer any questions you have.

Reservations are required for using any of the W. P. Carey studio spaces and/or scheduling shoots with the multimedia team.

For Small Studio / One-Button (BA 202D) note that this is a self-serve space and does not have a teleprompter. Reservations can be made using the “Small Studio Calendar” button below.

For Large Studio (BAC 318) reservations, needing a teleprompter, smart podium, or other interactive element, and for those who don’t know which space would be best email: and

Reserving dates early is recommended to ensure timely delivery of the finalized media. Please be aware that not all requests can be accommodated.

Small Studio Calendar

Tips for Successful Recordings

  • If using the teleprompter / scripted material be sure to send your script document at least one business day (or earlier) before your scheduled shoot date.
  • Don’t wear green to any of our studio spaces as it interferes with the green-screen.
  • Avoid wearing all white, all black, and small patterns or thin stripes.
  • Stand within the designated area to ensure your audio remains consistent throughout.