Craig Kirkwood


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Ph.D., Operations Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
1972; E.E., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1970; S.B./S.M.,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1969.

Academic Positions

Arizona State University: 1983-present. Previous Appointments:
University of Michigan, University of Colorado.

Professional Awards

Fellow, Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences
(INFORMS), 2007; Frank P. Ramsey Medal of the INFORMS Decision
Analysis Society, 2007; INFORMS Decision Analysis Society Publication
Award, 2006; INFORMS Decision Analysis Society Practice Award, 2004;
George E. Kimball Medal, INFORMS, 2002.

Professional Leadership 

Editorial Board, Decision Analysis, 2002-2010; President, INFORMS
Decision Analysis Society, 2006-2008; Treasurer, INFORMS, 1999-2000.

Business Leadership

Manager, Woodward-Clyde Consultants, 1977-1978, 1979-1983.

Representative Publications

J. Simon, C. W. Kirkwood, and L. R. Keller, Decision Analysis with
Geographically Varying Outcomes: Preference Models and Illustrative
Applications, Operations Research,62:182-194 (2014).

J. S. Stonebraker, E. Gil, C. W Kirkwood, R. B. Handfield,
"Impact Factor as a Metric to Assess Journals where OM Research
is Published," Journal of Operations Management,
30:24-43 (2012).

P. Gober, E. A. Wentz, T. Lant, M. K. Tschudi, and C. W. Kirkwood,
"WaterSim: A Simulation Model for Urban Water Planning in
Phoenix, Arizona, USA," Environment and Planning B: Planning
and Design, 38:197-215 (2011).

P. Gober and C. W. Kirkwood, "Vulnerability Assessment of
Climate-induced Water Shortage in Phoenix," Proceedings of
the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of
, 107(50):21295-21299 (2010).

P. Gober, C. W. Kirkwood, R. C. Balling Jr., A. W. Ellis, and S.
Deitrick, "Water Planning Under Climatic Uncertainty in Phoenix:
Why We Need a New Paradigm," Annals of the Association of
American Geographers
, 100:356-372 (2010).

L. R. Keller, C. W. Kirkwood, and N. S. Jones, "Assessing
Stakeholder Evaluation Concerns: An Application to the Central Arizona
Water Resources System," Systems Engineering, 13:58-71 (2010).

C. W. Kirkwood, M. P. Slaven, and A. Maltz, "Improving
Supply-Chain-Reconfiguration Decisions at IBM."
Interfaces, 35:460-473 (2005). The work reported in this
article was the winner of the 2004 INFORMS Decision Analysis Society
Practice Award.

R. F. Bordley and C. W. Kirkwood, "Multiattribute Preference
Analysis with Performance Targets." Operations Research,
52:823-835 (2004). Winner of the 2006 INFORMS Decision Analysis
Society Publication Award for the best decision analysis journal
article or book published in 2004.