"From an Accenture point-of-view, we need employees who can work well in teams, problem solve, innovate, and then communicate and sell their ideas."

Kristen Banks, managing director, Accenture

Program overview

The Master of Science in Innovation and Venture Development (MS-IVD) erases traditional academic silos to deliver transdisciplinary problem-solving capabilities and the practical experience the next world-changing founders and leaders need to succeed.

As an MS-IVD graduate, you will:

  • Master the innovation and venture development process, integrating knowledge from business, engineering and design

  • Master the power skills of leadership, cross-disciplinary collaboration, team management, communication, customer engagement

  • Leave with experience founding and scaling your own venture within real marketplaces

  • Be prepared to successfully lead innovation at your own enterprise or an existing one, within the complex social and environmental challenges of our time

  • Have discounted access to ASU Core Research Facilities for one year after graduation

An experience-based curriculum

MS-IVD is a studio-based, student-centric program, where each student will be responsible as the entrepreneur working with a small founding team (as in real life startup) to make things happen. The studio approach places a high premium on preparation, critical thinking, ‘knowing and applying the referenced course concepts’, collaboration and communication. You will learn in a failure-friendly space with the goal of learning faster. Instructors will mentor you and your classmates, helping you find the resources needed to achieve your goals.