Finance Area of Emphasis

Optional areas of emphasis allow you to utilize elective online MBA classes in your second year to gain greater depth of knowledge in a desired area. You can select three focused courses (3 credits each) out of your four total electives in one area of study to comprise an area of emphasis. Each area of emphasis requires 9 credit hours of associated elective classe online MBA classes.


The finance area of emphasis is designed to further your current career path in the financial services industry or corporate finance. Electives within the Online program can be selected to highlight mergers and acquisitions, international finance or investment fundamentals. Graduates will have working knowledge of the leading-edge financial theories, and the concepts and analytical techniques necessary for managing business strategically in a global environment.


The W.P. Carey Online program allows you to choose from:

Advanced Corporate Finance
This is a rigorous course designed to cover some of the more advanced issues that a senior financial manager might face. A solid understanding of introductory corporate finance is required. Major topics include: business valuation, residual income based metrics for ongoing financial performance evaluation, mergers and acquisitions, real options, principal-agent problems and compensation approaches to alleviate those problems, and corporate finance in international markets.

Financial Statements Analysis
The course develops financial statement analysis from a valuation and strategy perspective for making decisions to invest in businesses. The primary focus is on equity (share) valuation, with some attention given to credit analysis and the valuation of debt. The methods of fundamental analysis will be examined in detail and applied in cases and projects involving listed companies.

International Financial Management
This course introduces the basic tools and concepts of International Financial Management, providing a conceptual and analytical framework that outlines how international financial conditions influence managerial decisions in the corporate and capital markets arenas. Topics covered include the major characteristics and institutions of the exchange rate markets; how interactions between cross-border trade, capital flows, interest rates, inflation, monetary and fiscal policies, and economic growth impact investment and decision-making; and exchange rate regimes and currency crises.

Investment Fundamentals/Portfolio Management
A survey of the theory and practice of investment management in highly competitive capital markets, this course presents the fundamental principles of risk and return, portfolio diversification, asset allocation, efficient markets, active portfolio management and delegated portfolio performance evaluation. Integrated throughout the course is discussion of theory, empirical evidence and applications, focusing on how each concept relates to the practice of portfolio management.

Other Electives

In addition to the finance area of emphasis, we offer international business , marketing and supply chain management as areas of emphasis in the Online program.

You can also select electives from different functional areas to develop your own personalized management curriculum. In addition to the electives that are part of this areas of emphasis, you can also choose to take the following elective courses:

  • Management of Technology and Innovation
  • Project Management
  • Global Business Environment
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