ASU Sync classes for Fall 2020

Classes for on-campus students will be taught across three environments for the fall semester: in person, via Zoom, and 100% online.
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Services specialization

With the Full-Time MBA specialization in services, you’ll discover how service brands deliver exceptional service to customers across industry sectors. Gain the skills and knowledge to understand and implement successful strategies.

To complete this specialization, only nine credit hours are required. Tap into your leadership potential, gain access to valuable resources, and build expertise aligned with your career interests at ASU’s W. P. Carey School of Business.

Required course

You must complete the following required course and two approved electives in order to complete the W. P. Carey Full-time MBA specialization in services.

Understand the challenges of managing service brands delivering quality service to customers across industry sectors. Emphasizes the skills and knowledge needed to implement quality service and service strategies, frameworks for customer-focused management, and how to increase customer satisfaction and retention through service strategies.


Understand the front end of the new product design process. Utilize concrete tools for determining strategies for developing new products based on input from customers

Understand the tools and specialized knowledge for developing and executing marketing strategy in the business-to-business market. Learn how to identify forces that drive buying behavior in organizations, measure market opportunity, identify profitable segments, and develop strategy, particularly for turbulent, high-technology markets.

Gain structured practical experience in a professional program, supervised by a practitioner and/or faculty member with whom the student works closely.

Study and understand useful methods for marketing analytics, learn how to analyze data using those methods such as software, and apply the analysis result to inform marketing problems.

Discern the meaning of customer-centric, and perform qualitative and quantitative market research techniques and application of this material to project situations.

Hone skills critical to employment in marketing, including learning sound decision-making, the cogent presentation of well-thought marketing strategy and tactics and the ability to work in a team, specifically the ability to work as a team in addressing a common challenge.

Structured practical experience following a contract or plan, supervised by faculty and practitioners.

Focuses student teams on consulting projects to develop strategies, business plans, or components of business plans for entrepreneurial businesses in the Valley. During the course, teams will interact with company representatives, collect information, and prepare reports for the client and class.

Develop in-demand consulting skills and utilize a proven commercial online platform combined with a high level of interaction with experienced consultants to identify the skills you need to work on and train you on improving those skills.

Gain an overview of the project management process groups and knowledge areas (defined by the PMBOK) and focus on the application of key concepts, tools, and techniques for delivering on time, on-budget IT projects and services that meet end-user needs.

Address sustainability issues and their management within a company. Learn tactics to upstream from the company in its supply chain and downstream from the company with its customers.

Focus on unique management issues associated with procuring, contracting for, and managing service processes throughout the supply chain. Includes considerations of queuing impacts, performance measurement, and the determination of KPIs, managing to the service vision, and the difficulties in contracting for outsourced services.

Career paths

  • Marketing Operations Advisor
  • Senior Program Manager
  • Senior Strategy Consultant
  • Marketing Manager, Services
  • Strategy & Management Associate

Notable employers

  • Dell
  • Amazon
  • IBM Global Services
  • Intuitive Surgical
  • Bank of America