ASU Sync classes for Fall 2020

Classes for on-campus students will be taught across three environments for the fall semester: in person, via Zoom, and 100% online.
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Loan options

Give yourself the best opportunity to succeed. By utilizing a combination of loans, you may cover the cost of the W. P. Carey Online MS-ISM program.

Federal Unsubsidized Loans

  • Lending limit: $20,500 per academic year
  • Current interest rate: 6.08%
  • Current origination fee: 1.059%
  • Additional information

Federal Graduate PLUS Loans

  • Lending limit: Awarded up to a student's cost of attendance, less other forms of aid awarded
  • Current interest rate: 7.08%
  • Current origination fee: 4.236%
  • Additional information

Private education loans

  • Obtained from a private lender
  • Interest rates, loan fees, repayment options and eligibility requirements will vary
  • Review additional information regarding private student loans
  • Private student loans may be an option for international students who do not qualify for federal student loans