Loan options

Give yourself the best opportunity to succeed. With the right combination of loans, you may cover the cost of the W. P. Carey Master of Science in Innovation and Venture Development (MS-IVD) program. To be eligible for any federal loan, you must first submit a FAFSA.

Federal Unsubsidized Loan

  • Lending limit: $20,050 per academic year
  • Current interest rate: 5.28%
  • Current origination fee: 1.057%
  • Additional information: Learn more

Federal Graduate PLUS Loan

  • Lending limit: Awarded up to a student’s cost of attendance, less other forms of aid awarded
  • Current interest rate: 6.28%
  • Current origination fee: 4.228%
  • Additional information: Learn more

Private education loans

  • Obtained from a private lender
  • Interest rates, loan fees, repayment options, and eligibility requirements may vary
  • May be an option for international students who do not qualify for federal student loans
  • Review additional information regarding private student loans