Faculty and advisors

Engaging leaders throughout America’s most innovative university, the transdisciplinary nature of ASU’s Master of Science in Innovation and Venture Development (MS-IVD) brings your learning to life. Connect and collaborate with like-minded industry advisors, as well as faculty from three highly regarded schools.

Meet the MS-IVD faculty

Shirley-Ann Behravesh

Lecturer, School of Sustainability

Anne LaFond, JSI

Director, JSI Center for Health Information, Monitoring and Evaluation

Dean Bacalzo

Assistant Professor, Design

Laura Lindsey

Associate Professor, Business

Andrea Cherman

Lecturer, Engineering

Scott Livengood

Clinical Assistant Professor, Business

Steve Cho

Lecturer, Engineering

Andrew Maynard

Founder, The Arizona State University Risk Innovation Nexus

Jaimie P. Cloud

Founder, the Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education

Mauricio Mejia

Assistant Professor, Design

Dr. Alex Dehgan

Evolutionary Biologist, co-founder, Conservation X Labs, Adjunct faculty, School of Sustainability, ASU

Luiz Mesquita

Associate Professor, Business

Riva Drummond

Clinical Assistant Professor, Business

Rahul Poddar

Lecturer, Business

Cheryl Heller

Program Director, Professor of Practice, Innovation Design

Doug Sandy

Lecturer, Engineering

Carolyn Hirata

Lecturer, Engineering

Brent Sebold

Lecturer+Faculty Lead, Engineering

Dr. Michael Simeone

Director, Nexus Laboratory for Transdisciplinary Informatics, Institute for Humanities Research

Zak Holman

Associate Professor

Rhett Trujillo

Lecturer, Business

Chad Kennedy

Lecturer, Engineering

Rhett Trujillo

Lecturer, Business

Michael Kozicki

Professor, Engineering

Joseph Velasquez

Assistant Clinical Professor, Design

Meet the MS-IVD advisors

Robert Auray

President, Auray Family Investments

Michael Marks

Analyst, Nationwide

Edward Brachocki

CEO, Omneo Products International

Tammy McLeod

President, Flinn Foundation

Katy Campanini

Infrastructure Partner Leader, Nationwide

Lisa Parker

Minority Owner, Sacramento Kings

Chris Clark

Faculty Emeritus, Michigan State University

Ivy Ross

Vice President, Hardware Design, Google

Leetha Filderman

President, PopTech

Tyler Shaw

Head of Advanced Manufacturing, Ping

David Frakes

Lead of Camera Software, Apple

Ryan Taylor

CEO, Dash

Tracy Johnson

Senior Program Officer, User Experience & Innovation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Karel Vredenburg

Director of Global Academic Programs, IBM

Torence Lu

Owner & Director, Spanner Product Development