STEM designated program

MS-IVD curriculum

STEM designated program

The Master of Science in Innovation and Venture Development (MS-IVD) brings together the world-renowned schools of design, business, and engineering at Arizona State University to deliver an evidence-based curriculum.

The MS-IVD is a studio-based, student-centric program, where each student will be responsible as the entrepreneur, working with a small founding team — similar to real-world startups — to make things happen. The studio approach supports the innovation and venture development process, placing a premium on:

  • Preparation
  • Critical thinking
  • Applying course concepts
  • Collaboration
  • Communication

You will learn in a failure-friendly space, with mentorship from your instructors to help you achieve your goals.

Studio courses

STUDIO 1 - discovery & insight

The tools and experience to explore and immerse in industry or sector customer needs, competitive landscape and cultural context; where to begin, evaluate information, develop insights.

STUDIO 2 - problem reframing

Problem reframing, diagnosing problems, pushing past conventional assumptions to see problems as opportunities for breakthrough solutions.

Support course for studios 1-2
Fundamentals of entrepreneurial leadership

Practice “being” a leader, at the personal, interpersonal, and team levels.

STUDIO 3 - explore, fail, solve

Develop prototypes of a product, service or system using the scrum method in 3 two-week sprints, including ideation, success indicators, making, testing, evaluation and revision.

STUDIO 4 - business model

Articulate how the solution will reach customers at a profit, value proposition, supply chain, customer segments, revenue model, key resources, activities, partners and cost structure.

Support course for studios 3-4
Scaling entrepreneurial leadership

Learn to lead by summoning resources, socially engaging surrounding communities, and navigating through organizational leadership challenges associated with growth.

STUDIO 5 - scale

Assess growth opportunities and prepare financial and capitalization plan, explore diversified products and scaling implications, quality control and risk mitigation strategies, investor pitch.