Department of Management - PhD FAQ


What is the decision process for evaluating the application?
Applications are reviewed by the Department of Management Doctoral Committee using a portfolio approach. GMAT/GRE scores, prior academic performance, letters of recommendation, the personal statement and resume are all considered to ensure a good fit between the student's goals and abilities and the management program. A recommendation for action is made by the Doctoral Committee to ASU Graduate Education. ASU Graduate Education either admits or denies each applicant and notifies him or her in writing of the decision.

When will I be notified of the admission decision?
Applicants typically will receive written notification from ASU Graduate Education in April or May. Application decisions are not released via phone or e-mail.

Can GRE scores be substituted for GMAT scores?
The Department of Management will consider GRE scores, although the GMAT is preferred. Contact GMAT for information about scheduling the exam.

Can I begin the program in the spring or summer?
Students in the Management concentration begin the program in the fall semester only.

Are there specific course prerequisites required for entry to the PhD program?
There are no specific course prerequisites. Doctoral applicants admitted to the W. P. Carey School of Business must have strong writing skills and must show strong quantitative ability.

Is a master's degree required for admission to the PhD program?
While a master's degree is not an absolute requirement, those candidates who possess an advanced business-related degree will be more competitive in the admissions process.

Is work experience required for admission to the PhD program?
The Department of Management Doctoral Committee evaluates applications using a portfolio approach and considers a candidate's previous academic performance, test scores, work experience, personal essays and letters of recommendation. The strongest applicants possess relevant work experience.

Do I have to provide evidence of English proficiency to be considered?
English proficiency is a requirement of all international applicants.

How many students are typically enrolled in the management concentration?
Ordinarily between 12 and 15 are enrolled.

How many students are typically admitted to the management concentration each year?
Normally 2-3 are admitted each year.

How long does it typically take to complete the doctoral program?
Students making normal progress complete the degree within five years if they have completed prior graduate course work.

Is graduate student housing available through ASU?
ASU has limited on-campus graduate student housing. More information can be found by contacting Residential Life. Most graduate students take advantage of off-campus housing available in close proximity to the campus.