Department of Management - Bachelor of Science in Business Entrepreneurship

Bachelor of Science in Business Entrepreneurship

The entrepreneurship major prepares students to identify, evaluate and develop entrepreneurial opportunities, whether in existing companies or in new business ventures. The entrepreneurship major is grounded in collaboration, leadership, communication and team building. Additional emphasis is added in the areas of critical thinking and problem solving across a range of challenges and opportunities that confront the entrepreneur throughout the life cycle of the business.

The curriculum is designed to enable students to develop an individual entrepreneurial perspective, which will serve them throughout their careers, whether they start their own business or work for a company that values their entrepreneurial abilities. The overall program, and each course specifically, puts students in the position of answering the question, "What would you do in this situation?" Students learn to frame an approach to problems/opportunities with an entrepreneurial mindset. This approach enables them to drive to conclusions, based on an analysis of quantitative and qualitative factors, filtered through the entrepreneur's lens.

Entrepreneurship students also benefit from the Management Department's Center for Entrepreneurship and its connection with the entrepreneurial community.