Executive Education - Professional or Graduate Certificate

Professional or Graduate Certificate

Students who intend to work toward a certificate by completing all five courses can pursue either a Professional or Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management. Students pursuing either certificate take the same courses and have exposure to the same academic content and interaction with faculty. The essential difference is that students working towards the Professional Certificate take courses on a non-credit basis and do not receive a grade, while those seeking the Graduate Certificate take courses for academic credit and receive grades that appear on an official transcript. Students pursuing the Graduate Certificate will be required to complete additional assignments designed to both promote and assess mastery of the course content. The following chart should aid in choosing the appropriate certificate.

Professional Graduate
Grades and credits appear on an official ASU transcript No Yes
Credits can be transferred to a degree program No Potentially. Courses, credits and grades will appear on an official ASU transcript that can be sent to other institutions upon request. Acceptance of these credits is at the discretion of the receiving institution.
Certificate appears on an official ASU Transcript No. Physical certificates are awarded by the W. P. Carey School of Business and a record of completion of courses and the certificate is kept in the school's permanent database and provided to students and alumni upon request. Yes
Students earn Continuing Education Units (CEU's) Yes. Each course earns 4.5 CEU's. No. CEU's are awarded only for non-credit courses.
Homework and assignments Weekly readings, quizzes and discussion board assignments. On average, students spend 9-12 hours per week on course related activities. Same as a Professional Certificate, plus additional assignments (depending on the instructor, these may be in the form of readings, exercises or exams - 12-20 hours in total) intended to assess the degree to which the student has mastered course content.
Exit requirements For each course: Average of 80% on weekly quizzes plus satisfactory participation on discussion boards.
For the certificate: Combined quiz and discussion board grade of a minimum of 80% for each course.
For the certificate: 3.0 GPA average for all courses.