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Strategic decision framing in volatile times

This virtual, faculty-led workshop series provides actionable frameworks and tools for solving problems and driving impact in your organization. Join us for an active online learning experience where you’ll develop strategic skills required for today’s complex business environments. You can also take this program as a two-day course, in person at ASU.

Program details

This series of half-day workshops will immerse you in strategic decision framing theories and discussions, including frameworks and tools to help participants solve problems more effectively within their organizations. You’ll emerge with new ways of thinking, new professional connections, and a path to increase your impact through various projects and work initiatives.

Upcoming dates

April 18 and 20,
April 25 and 27


Virtual (Zoom)


Half-day sessions
(Tuesday and Thursday)



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Who is this program for?

W. P. Carey Executive Education courses engage lifelong learners at every stage of their careers. We recommend our online strategic decision framing program to the following audiences:

  • Teams facing unstructured or high level of uncertainty
  • Individuals looking to change their thinking and approach to decision-making

What will I learn?

Participants will build their strategic muscles by applying relevant research and managerial frameworks to real-world problems in a variety of engaging learning exercises. The skills you take away can be immediately applied to analyze complex problems, refine existing strategies, or pivot to new approaches through a greater understanding of the iterative solution process.

Learning themes:

  • How to use strategy effectively
  • Deconstruction of complex problems
  • Scientific problem solving
  • Identifying bias and noise


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