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Finance for non-finance professionals

Available as a virtual workshop series, this finance course was created for non-finance professionals looking to expand their opportunities, perspectives, and networks in an impactful format. Join us to gain practical knowledge necessary to analyze and communicate the financial implications of your actions to key decision-makers. You can also take this course in person at Arizona State University.

Program details

This running series of half-day workshops will introduce you to key financial concepts and applications you can apply to a wide array of functional areas. Sound financial decisions are critical to business success. Join us to gain clear insight into ways your decisions can influence company performance and value.

Upcoming dates

June 6 – 14, 2023


Virtual (Zoom)


Half-day sessions



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Who is this program for?

Finance for non-financial professionals is designed to impart a sound intuitive introduction to the essentials of corporate finance. Ideal audiences include:

  • Mid-level or senior managers from any functional area with budget authority or responsibility over operational decision-making
  • Senior leadership or rising executives responsible for key financing decisions and corporate strategy
  • Financial managers seeking to upskill or refresh their knowledge of the practice of corporate finance

What will I learn?

Students attending this course will obtain the practical knowledge necessary to analyze the financial implications of their actions and communicate them effectively to key decision-makers.

  • Financial statement analysis:
    • Learn how to analyze corporate financial statements to manage a firm’s short-term liquidity, and gauge its financial health and performance.
  • Valuation essentials:
    • Evaluate risk and the acceptable rate of return for investors. Understand the implementation of discounted cash flow analysis to estimate value.
  • Investment decisions:
    • Implement IRR, NPV, and other common techniques used to assess investment decisions.
  • Financial policies:
    • Understand a firm’s financing options (equity, loans, and short-term credit) and understand the implications of these choices for the value of the firm.


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