International applicants

International applicants are required to provide a number of specific items with their applications. Most of these are referenced in the online application, but the following serves as a quick reference guide. Detailed information for international applicants can be found on the following pages:

Transcripts and degree requirements

The ASU Graduate College Admissions requires that international transcripts be designated as official and be submitted in their original language with an English translation.

Individuals who have completed a three-year degree with no additional coursework typically do not qualify as having an equivalent U.S. bachelor's degree. Applicants with a 3 year degree and at least one year of graduate study should contact Graduate Admissions to clarify if their degree would be equivalent to a U.S. 4 year degree.

ASU Graduate Admissions has ultimate responsibility for transcript evaluation and approval of degree equivalency.

English language proficiency

Please review further details on the Graduate Admissions Services website.

ASU's Institutional Code is 4007 for TOEFL scores. Applications will not be processed until official scores have been received or waived by admissions. ASU only accepts electronic copies of the TOEFL score report.

Application fee

The application fee for international students must be paid online at the time of application submission. Information about current fees can be found on the Graduate College Admissions page.


For questions specific to international student requirements, please review the information at the Graduate College’s Admission Information for International Applicants.