CLAS - Honors Thesis

Honors Thesis

Honors Thesis – ECN 493

An honors thesis is required for honors students completing a degree in the department of economics, unless they are writing an honors thesis in another department as part of a concurrent degree program. Students who do not write an honors thesis in economics are required to take ECN 475. Students using the 2009 or later catalog are required to complete both an honors thesis AND ECN 475.

Students intending to do an Honors Thesis must contact a professor in the economics department in the semester prior to enrolling in ECN 493, Honors Thesis, to arrange for an honors thesis director.

  1. Fill out a Honors Thesis Pre-Registration Form
  2. Take the honors thesis pre-registration form to the Department of Economics Undergraduate Program Advisor for evaluation. If approved, you will then be given the schedule line number for registration.