About the department

We offer a relatively small PhD program, where students are in close contact with faculty and each other, are active participants in department workshops, and discuss their ongoing research with visitors. Students are financially supported through teaching and research assistantships for five years. Stipends are highly competitive with any graduate program in the world.

Our directory has information about our faculty and their research. Macroeconomics is a traditional strength of the department, with several researchers in the area including Nobel Laureate Edward Prescott. Over the last several years, the department has recruited a research group in empirical microeconomics, and now have strong faculty in that area, as well as in environmental economics, economic theory, financial economics, and econometrics.

Recent students hold tenure track positions at the University of Pennsylvania, Yale (School of Management), The University of Queensland, The University of Miami, Utah State, the Stockholm School of Economics, the University of New Hampshire, West Virginia University, Virginia Commonwealth University, ITAM, and Fudan University; and research positions at the World Bank, the US Census Bureau, Blackrock, and IMPAQ. Our recent graduates have published in the American Economic Review and Econometrica, as well as other leading journals. We are eager to build on the successes of our alumni.