Corporate Applied Projects

Tap into the talent and knowledge of W. P. Carey students, who work on identifying, researching, proposing and/or implementing solutions for real business problems faced by client organizations. Offered as part of graded coursework, Corporate Applied Projects are completed under the guidance of a faculty member, and are sponsored by organizations that have a clearly defined business challenge and a vested interest in the outcome.

Collaborate on real-world problems

Working on real-world business problems is a critical component of student learning. It gives students an opportunity to apply and practice what they learn in the classroom, and the hands-on experience they receive is invaluable in helping them prepare for their future careers.

Client organizations sponsoring student projects can also benefit in many ways, such as:

  • Significant cost savings compared to traditional consulting services
  • Fresh ideas, new perspectives and creative approaches from the next generation of leaders
  • Data-driven and analytically rigorous solutions with insight from distinguished faculty members
  • Increased visibility as a potential employer and a direct pipeline of talented professionals for recruiting

Our projects and clients

W. P. Carey students complete more than 100 consulting projects every year, applying their skills in finance, business strategy, marketing, information systems and supply chain management to help client organizations with specific business challenges.

Examples of previous Corporate Applied Projects include:

  • Business model/plan development
  • Business process improvement
  • Competitive analysis
  • Customer research
  • Extended warranty evaluation
  • Financial supplier health analysis
  • Market structure analysis
  • New business feasibility evaluation
  • Systems design and analysis
  • Technology strategy development
  • Utilities hedging strategy
  • Web/mobile app development

We partner with a wide range of institutions from fledgling start-ups to small and medium businesses to non-profit organizations to Fortune 500 corporations.

Apply for a Corporate Applied Project

Any business or non-profit may apply for a Corporate Applied Project. Because demand for student projects generally exceeds capacity, typical projects are:

  • Important to the senior management of the organization
  • Consultative in nature, requiring significant thought, research and analysis
  • Challenging for students but do not require extensive industry or domain expertise
  • Scoped in a way that is not too restrictive yet can be reasonably completed in a semester
  • Interesting and appealing to the students who are best equipped to tackle these projects

Projects typically last one semester. Applications are accepted in the late spring and early summer for the fall semester, and late fall for the spring semester.

Put the knowledge and dedication of W. P. Carey students to work for your organization — contact us to apply for a Corporate Applied Project today.

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