Department of Supply Chain Management - Program of Study

Program of Study

Our program focuses on providing students with knowledge of "all things supply chain management." You receive in-depth knowledge in logistics, operations, procurement and quality, plus the integration of these elements to create supply chain management strategies.

Required Courses

  • SCM 300 Global Supply Operations
    An introduction to supply chain management. All areas of SCM are discussed so that students gain perspective of integration issues while learning detailed content in other supply chain areas.
  • SCM 315 Business Decision Models
    This course provides students with an opportunity to improve their analytical and Excel skills to solve complex business problems.
    Prerequisite: SCM 300
  • SCM 345 Logistics
    Students explore logistics and supply chain activities emphasizing integration of transportation, inventory, warehousing, facility location, customer service, packaging and materials handling.
    Pre- or co-requisite: SCM 300
  • SCM 355 Supply Management
    Students deeply explore the supply function, including organization, procedures, supplier selection, quality, inventory decisions and price determination.
    Prerequisite: SCM 300
  • SCM 432 Planning and Control Systems for Supply Chain Management
    Topics such as forecasting, capacity planning, inventory planning, MRP and ERP are discussed to provide students with knowledge of planning and control systems for supply chain management.
    Prerequisite: SCM 345, Pre- or co-requisite: SCM 355
  • SCM 445 Advanced Logistics Management (or SCM 455)
    Students will expand upon knowledge gained in SCM 345 and will learn how to manage and measure transportation operations, manage warehousing and storage activities, locate, negotiate, and manage logistics intermediaries, and manage internal logistics processes.
    Prerequisite: SCM 345
  • SCM 455 Research & Negotiations (or SCM 445)
    Students expand upon knowledge gained in SCM 355 and discuss current philosophy, methods and techniques for conducting strategic and tactical supply chain research and negotiations.
    Prerequisite: SCM 355
  • SCM 479 Supply Chain Strategy (Capstone Course)
    This capstone course provides an opportunity for students to synthesize the knowledge gained in their previous coursework to integrate supply management, production, logistics and enterprise solutions to develop supply chain strategies.
    Prerequisite: SCM 355 and SCM 432

Elective Courses

  • SCM 440 Quality Management
    This course focuses upon quality management, relationships with suppliers and customers, and tools for process improvement and cost analysis.
    Prerequisite: SCM 300
  • SCM 463 Global Supply Chain Management
    This project-oriented course enables students to explore global supply chain management issues with a special emphasis on management of transportation, working in the global environment, global sourcing, customs issues and facility location.
    Prerequisite: SCM 300

Sample Program of Study

A program that allows a balanced two course sequence over three semesters is shown below. However, there are many different combinations that may work, depending on your particular situation.  You can contact your advisor to work out a program of study that is right for you.

Semester 1

Semester 2

Semester 3



SCM445 or SCM 455