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  • Moving from Firefighting to Prevention Using the Voice of the Customer

    Up to 30% of service workload is preventable. An effective VOC process can drive workload prevention efforts as well as support increased First Call Resolution. In this webcast, John Goodman, will show how the VOC process can impact both the service function as well as instigate improvement of other company processes. Keys to success are identifying a broader range of causes, linking contact data to operations data and obtaining strong CFO support.

  • Getting Your CFO To Buy Into The Business Care For An Enhanced Customer Experience

    John Goodman, Vice Chairman, Customer Care Measurement and ConsultingResearch has shown that Voice of the Customer (VOC) efforts that have CFO buy-in are considerably more effective at getting important customer issues fixed. Winning CFO approval for investing in the customer experience is no easy matter. Those charged with persuading the CFO to make such expenditures face certain challenges in leveraging the necessary resources and breadth of authority to deliver a world class customer experience. In this webcast, drawing on his work with companies recognized for their customer-centricity, Mr. Goodman will provide insights and a proven protocol for building a business case for evaluating service and quality investments.

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