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Explore the preliminary agenda to find out more about program speakers confirmed to date, as well as scheduled presentations, breakout sessions, and themes. Complete descriptions and information will be available soon, so check back often for updates.

Day One, November 5 — Service Innovation

General Session Speakers

Presentation: Title and Description Coming Soon

Mike Gathright
Regional Director, Americas Customer Service

Presentation: How to Drive a Culture of Service Innovation into a Traditional Product Company

Brad Haeberle
Vice President, Service Business Line

Siemens has a 100 year-old foundation of breakthrough product innovation that has shaped our society and how we live. This practical session geared toward managers and service leadership is led by Brad Haeberle, VP Services, and expands on how to evolve a mature traditional products company into a more nimble organization that can continuously develop customer-focused service innovations. The session will cover different concepts to drive innovation:

  • Practical examples to establish basic building blocks to successfully build a culture around innovation.
  • Leveraging front line employees to help drive innovation.
  • Improving processes, while reducing overall operational cost through delivery and technology innovation.
  • Ways to deliver on new service business models, based on customer KPIs to drive growth and profitability.

Presentation: Global Perspectives on Service Research Priorities for 2015

Amy Ostrom, Ph.D.
Research Director and Professor of Marketing
Center for Services Leadership, W. P. Carey School of Business

Breakout Session Speakers

Presentation: Expectations Are Not Enough: What Needs Should Guide Service Innovation

Lance Bettencourt, Ph.D.
Service 360 Partners

A service quality survey answers a very important question for guiding service improvement: How is our service doing? But service innovation requires answers to a different question entirely: What is the customer trying to get done? This shift in focus from a service to the customer job is critical to thinking beyond how things are done today. In this session, participants will apply jobs-to-be-done thinking to their products or services and consider various ways in which customer jobs can be used to envision truly novel service innovation opportunities. Participants will leave with next steps for guiding their own customer jobs investigation.

Presentation: Second Breakout Session TBD


Mary Jo Bitner, Ph.D.
Edward M. Carson Chair in Services Leadership
Executive Director
Center for Services Leadership, W. P. Carey School of Business

Day 2, November 6 — Customer Experience

General Session Speakers

Presentation: Restoring Humanity to Healthcare: The Key to Driving Loyalty and Growth

M. Bridget Duffy, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer
Vocera Communications

Join Bridget Duffy, M.D., as she shares her quadruple aim to restore humanity and joy back to the practice of medicine, as well as innovative approaches for mapping gaps in efficiency plus empathy, strategies for engaging physicians in this work, and a checklist of Always Events® that drive improvements in patient satisfaction, outcomes, and loyalty.

Market differentiation and sustainability in a competitive healthcare environment depends on more than stripping out waste and cost reduction initiatives. To drive real growth and build lasting loyalty, healthcare organizations must define new clinical and administrative practices that humanize the experience for patients, families, and staff.  These next standards of care will deliver consistent, seamless and patient-centered experiences that bridge gaps in communication and care coordination. 

Presentation: On the Field and Off

Derrick Hall
President and CEO
Arizona Diamondbacks

This powerful, straight-talk presentation by a Major League Baseball CEO — both on the field and off — will provide rare insights, ideas and techniques to create a game plan that produces uncommon results.  In this idea-packed session, you will discover tools to equip you for today’s challenging market.

Presentation: Tap Into The Power of Purpose, Empathy, and Memories

Bruce Temkin, CCXP
Customer Experience Transformist and Managing Partner
Temkin Group

Six out of ten large companies want to be customer experience leaders, but only 7% of organizations earned excellent ratings in the 2014 Temkin Experience Ratings. What's holding companies back? Human beings. Experiences are all about people, the customers who interact with your organization and the employees who shape those interactions. Unfortunately, most approaches to customer experience, from voice of the customer programs to customer journey mapping, focus almost exclusively on logical, left-brain elements. They fall extremely short on the right-brain, emotional side. Bruce Temkin will explain the concept of People-Centric Experience Design, an approach that uses purpose, empathy and memories to bridge the gap and create positive, memorable human encounters.

Breakout Session Speakers

Presentation: CX Implementation Success — Cracking the Culture Code

Joe Wheeler
Executive Director
The Service Profit Chain Institute

Even the most well thought out CX implementation plan can go off the rails if the organization’s culture doesn’t embrace customer-driven principles. This highly interactive session will explore five critical success factors based on recent best practice research associated with customer-centric companies. Participants will be provided the chance to participate after the session via a LinkedIn/Bloomfire Group dedicated to this vitally important topic, moderated by our speaker and facilitator, Joe Wheeler, Executive Director of the Service Profit Chain Institute.

Presentation: Title and Description Coming Soon

Kathy Heasley
Founder and President


Tracey Tannenbaum
Vice President of Service Excellence
Banner Health

Day 3, November 7 — Service Growth and Revenue

General Session Speakers

Presentation: title and description coming soon

Peter Schmitt
Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer

Presentation: Building the World’s Largest Salon Brand, the Great Clips Story

Raymond L. Barton
Great Clips, Inc.

Presentation: Profiting From Services & Solutions: What Product Companies Need to Know

Stephen W. Brown, Ph.D.
Emeritus Edward M Carson Chair and Professor of Marketing Emeritus, Distinguished Faculty, Center for Services Leadership, W. P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University and Strategic Partner, The INSIGHT Group

James R. Weigand
DuPont Sustainable Solutions

Highlights from Professor Stephen Brown of Arizona State University new ground-breaking, co-authored book, "Profiting From Services & Solutions" will be featured in this talk creatively addressing huge issues product businesses are facing, including - How can product-centric business leaders steadily shift their revenues from goods sold to services and solutions rendered? How can they drive this transition and overcome the many impediments they face? The book features vivid examples from over fifteen leading product companies, including GE,, DuPont, and IBM, some of which are featured in Dr. Brown's talk The message is anchored in foundational research sponsored by ASU's Center for Services Leadership and several of its FORTUNE 100 companies.

Presentation: — Building to a New Vision of Outcomes-based Services

Randy Wootton
VP, Premiere Products

Join us on our journey to move beyond the traditional professional services, education services and technical support service offerings and, instead, is focusing on outcomes. At Salesforce, we have analyzed a wide range of KPIs that matter for businesses, and we’ve designed offerings that help them achieve — and exceed — those metrics. Come learn how we are building and iterating a new offering that complements our technology services with one that is true to the principles of the cloud: Available on demand, offered at any scale, and flexible enough to suit any business need.

Breakout Session Speakers

Group Panel: Recharging Your Company’s Culture in Shifting from Products to Services and Solutions

Moderated by:

Edward W. Petrozelli

With Panelists:

Bobbi Dangerfield
Vice President, Commercial Sales Operations
Dell, Inc.

Michael Evans
Senior Vice President, General Manager, PreK-12 Literacy and Mathematics
Pearson Education Curriculum Group

Jagannath Rao
President, Customer Services Division, United States
Siemens Industry, Inc.

Understanding the impact cultural change has on companies’ ability to shift from a product-focused model to a services & solutions led model is critical to a successful transformation. This session will focus on the key challenges and critical success factors for cultural change. It is based on a recently completed W. P. Carey School of Business MBA research study co-led by DuPont and The INSIGHT Group.

The study features academic input and in-depth interviews with 13 companies that have been transforming to services and solutions. Effectively changing a firm’s culture was identified as the most important transformational element. The results of the research study will be briefly presented and then augmented by a panel of executives from the participating companies. The executive panel will provide a forum for a robust Q & A with the audience.


Edward W. Petrozelli

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