Department of Information Systems - Job Titles and Career Paths

Job Titles and Career Paths

  • IT Manager
  • CIO
  • Owner
  • Office Manager
  • Systems Administrator
  • Consultant
  • TSRS (IT Audit) Staff
  • Systems Analyst
  • Business Systems Analyst
  • Automation Engineer
  • Business Financial Auditor
  • Corporate Purchasing Manager
  • President and Founder
  • Associate
  • Information Analyst
  • Programmer (SAP)
  • PC Administrator
  • Application Developer
  • Systems Engineer
  • Associate IT Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Leadership Development Program

Career Path: Consultant

Consultants are exposed to a wide range of companies and industries and work within many different business practices. A major objective of consulting is to help companies solve their most challenging problems, which means that consultants gain expertise in such areas as driving strategic initiatives, making technology recommendations and designing and managing changing business processes. Consultants are constantly learning and adding value to their clients’ business.

Consultants with CIS degrees are involved in:

  • Design, installation and implementation of information systems and networks
  • Review and analysis of existing systems to improve efficiency, security and operating processes
  • Selection and installation of computer packages, training and subsequent support for users

Career Path: System Administrator

Systems administrators specify architecture to integrate databases, application programs, networks and hardware. They design, implement and maintain data security measures, manage networks and monitor performance.

Career Path: Systems Analyst

Systems analysts work with decision makers from all areas of business to develop projects that meet the information needs of the users. They design and manage specifications for applications, analyze system usage and performance, and recommend improvements.

Career Path: Database Administrator

Database administrators design, create, implement and maintain databases, which accumulate and organize necessary information. They work with users in designing and writing application programs to extract information in a form useful in decision making.

Career Path: Network Engineer

Network engineers install, configure and support personal computers within a networked environment. They design, install and maintain networks to ensure compatibility, security and effectiveness. They also troubleshoot network connections, provide help desk support and train users.

Top Companies Employing ASU CIS Graduates

  • Aerospec, Inc
  • American Savings Life Insurance Co.
  • ArmorLight Software Productions
  • Axis Plumbing
  • Capital One
  • Deloitte AERS
  • Ernst & Young, LLP
  • Google
  • Honeywell ACS, HPS
  • Intel
  • J P Morgan Chase
  • Knight Transportation
  • Koxx DVD, LLC
  • KPMG
  • Market Direct Energy
  • Pacific Gas and Electric
  • Perini Building Co.
  • Petsmart, Inc.
  • Pulte Homes
  • SRP
  • Troutman Drywall, Inc.
  • Wells Fargo