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Sponsor Information

The Small Business Leadership Academy (SBLA) is a practical, educational program for the leaders of small businesses in Arizona. If your organization has initiatives focused on small business and/or diversity, funding a seat in SBLA can help you meet your goals and provide a deserving small business leader a chance to learn instantly-applicable business skills.

Over the course of eight weeks, students are exposed to business concepts and application exercises, providing them with tools to strategically manage and grow their businesses. All courses are taught by W. P. Carey School of Business faculty.

How you can make a difference:

Funding an SBLA scholarship is $3,200; partial scholarships may also be funded for $1,600. In return for your generous contribution, SBLA offers:

  • Organization name included in all SBLA media releases
  • Organization logo on the SBLA web site
  • Charitable deduction according to IRS tax code
  • Invitation to the graduation festivities
  • Opportunity to hand-select your scholarship recipient

Find out more: Contact Joel Dupuis at (480) 727-6275 or Joel.Dupuis@asu.edu