Department of Economics - PhD Admissions

PhD Admissions

Admission Criteria

You must have a bachelor's degree or the equivalent to apply to the W. P. Carey PhD program in economics. Along with your application form, fee and other materials, please submit:

  1. A current resume
  2. A personal Statement
  3. Official university transcripts (both undergraduate and graduate)
  4. GRE scores (verbal, quantitative, analytical)
  5. Letters of Recommendation

Additionally, a test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score is required if your first language is not English, unless you have received a degree from a U.S. college or university.

All application materials should be submitted to the ASU Graduate Education , an application packet and list of guidelines are available from Graduate Admissions.

The Department of Economics admissions policy weighs all of the above factors as well as performance in selected mathematics and economics courses. While we have no absolute standards for any of the factors, performance on each clearly should suggest academic potential that is far above those of the normal undergraduate student.

Recommended Background

You do not need to have an undergraduate degree in economics to enter and successfully complete the PhD program. As a general guide, an entering PhD student should have a minimum of two years of calculus (including three calculus courses plus one course in advanced calculus and one course in differential equations), real analysis, mathematical analysis (proofs), linear algebra, two semesters of statistics and intermediate microeconomic and macroeconomic theory.