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Candidates on the Job Market

Ph.D. Candidates on the Job Market

Jaehan Cho

CV; Personal Website
Fields of Specialization: International Economics, Growth and Development, Applied Economics
Job Market Paper:  Intangible Capital Transfer Within Multinationals
References: Dan Silverman (Chair), Edward Prescott, Todd Schoellman, Natalia Ramondo
Phone: 480.318.3347
Fax: 480.965.0748

Kwang-Shin Choi

CV; Personal Website
Fields of Specialization: Econometrics, Empirical Microeconomics
Job Market Paper: Finite sample properties of structural estimators
References: Seung Ahn (Chair), Michael Keane, Sungho Park, Nancy Roberts
Phone: 515.238.0467
Fax: 480.965.0748

Lin Hu

CV; Personal Website
Fields of Specialization: Political Economy, Applied Microeconomics
Job Market Paper:  Ideology vs. Pork: Coalition Formation in Parliamentary Systems
JMP & Research abstracts:
References: Amanda Friedenberg (Chair), Hector Chade, Alejandro Manelli, Dan Silverman
Phone: 602.909.6756
Fax: 480.965.0748

Zhenhua Wu

CV;Personal Website
Fields of Specialization: Game Theory and Bargaining, Microeconomic Theory, Political Economy
Job Market Paper: Market reputation, information sharing and Boardroom
References: Amanda Friedenberg, Hector Chade, Alejandro Manelli
Phone: 480.334.5170 (cell)
Fax: 480.965.0748

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